Welcome to Picacho Peak RV Resort

Enjoy Tempered Arizona winter nights, the beautiful desert colors in the Spring or just enjoy a weekend around the pool. Picacho Peak RV Resort an “Age 55 plus Active Community” is situated at the base of the prominent Picacho Peak landmark. Picacho Peak rises majestically 3,374 feet above the Sonoran Desert floor about 35 miles northwest of Tucson just off Interstate 10. Hiking, and picnicking are the preferred pastimes here. Hikers enjoy the climb to the top of Picacho Peak, while the less adventurous can stroll along a trail at its base and marvel at the vibrant spectacle of the season’s blooming wildflowers. This peak is famous landmark and signal peak for the Indians. “Picacho” is spanish meaning “Peak or Point” This area offers hiking, wildlife and pure relaxation.

Picacho Peak was often used as a landmark by early explorers. During the 17th century, dedicated Jesuit Priest Father Kino mentioned Picacho Peak in records of his journeys into Arizona, and in 1775, the DeAnza Expeditions passed by the Peak. In 1846, the Mormon Battalion, on their way to California to fight in the war with Mexico, constructed a wagon road through Picacho Pass. The forty-niners traveled the same road on their way to California, and in 1858, mail and passengers traveled this route via the Butterfield Overland Stage. This route is now used by the Transcontinental Railroad.